Arizona Home Inspectors

You’ll find out what’s really there behind the staging

You’ll get a checklist of repairs needed to make the sale easier

You’ll find out what updates or potential problems might need
to be addressed

You’ll get documentation of current conditions which might
protect you from any landlord claims
In the beginning, arizona home inspections weren’t too complicated. If a leak developed in the “roof”, you just moved further into the cave or found another one to occupy (hopefully it was empty!) Electrical problems didn’t exist because electricity wasn’t “invented” yet. And that clogged drain – well there’s always another hole in the ground somewhere or a bush to hide behind. You get the idea.

Fast forward a few hundred thousand years to a whole new world of complexities. At Cave to Castle Home Inspection, LLC we understand the need for expert and timely service.

If you are at the point of requesting an arizona home inspector, you have already done some homework as to the type of home you want, dealt with one or more realtors and have seen several properties. Your hiring us puts your trust in our hands and we take that very seriously. You don`t need to be overwhelmed with information related to home ownership or how the home functions at this potentially stressful and emotional time.

Be at ease that at the end of your home inspection you will be familiar with all of the components and the operation of existing systems in the home. We are your advisor, whenever you have any questions or concerns related to your home we’re just a phone call away. You will not be directed to endless websites to search for your answers; that is part of my ongoing service to you.

We encourage you to be present at the end of the inspection (or your designated representative) to review the summary first hand. This enables you to physically see and understand any issues that may be present and ask any questions. You will see where the main shut-offs are in case of an emergency (water, gas, electric).

Unfortunately az home inspectors have gotten some bad press lately, being accused as deal breakers because occasionally their findings point out flaws which might affect the negotiations. We inspect as though our children were purchasing the property. No sugar-coating, no omissions, no alarming dialogue – “Just the facts” – so you can make a well-informed decision regarding this major investment and well worth the return on the cost of an inspection.

We take our responsibility to you seriously and abide by a high standard of ethics when it comes to your inspection. You are our client; therefore you will receive an honest evaluation of the property. Our commitment to you will never be compromised by someone trying to “get the deal done”.

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